Northern Impact is dedicated to identifying companies with a culture that suits your work approach and personality. Candidates who align to a corporate culture reach their highest level of personal growth, which in turn, directly impacts a company's success.

Northern Impact begins working with you to first understand your long-term personal and professional goals. Through learning about your personal vision, we propose companies and industries that may suit your interests. With this collaborative approach, we begin proposing specific opportunities and connect you with hiring managers from top companies in your field.

By submitting your resume to us, we’ll keep you updated on current opportunities in the job marketplace. Many of our placed candidates were never actively looking, but made a change because Northern Impact presented a better opportunity to take their career to the next level. Your resume is kept confidential and only presented to Clients with your permission. We screen companies for you and strive to match your skill, talent and passion to ensure the right cultural and long lasting fit.

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